Is there any of us who has not dreamt about expeditions to faraway lands, full of history, myths and legends?

Rapa Nui is located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, and is the cradle of a millenary culture that survives up to these days. Music, dances and traditions are transmitted generation through generation, in the same place which mythical king Hotu Matu´a chose for his people over a thousand years ago. Within it´s wonderful landscapes, the figures of the enormous Moai statues outstand, as a sculpted reminder of the ancestors.


The legend tells about Hinariru, son of Kaveheke, and the first Moai scupltor, who had a dream after his father´s death, where he saw in detail, how to sculpt the figure of the Moai we know nowadays. This way, Hinariru made this Moai. Hundreds of years later, foreigner sailors tried to take away this sculpture, but it fell into the sea before it could leave the island. This is how the story of the underwater Moai was born.

Hinariru cabins began more than 15 years ago, aiming to provide a special service to visitors. Hosted by Arturo and Luisa, the owner couple, offer their passengers a comfortable and pleasant stay, in a peaceful and familiar environment, close to our own customs and life style.



Our cabins are located in one the main streets of Hanga Roa town, near the airport and close to downtown. They are fully equipped to offer you a safe, comfortable and independent stay.

  • 7 cabins . Capacity 3 – 12 people

  • Wi-Fi Zone 24/7

  • Hot water

  • Television

  • Dishes and glasses

  • Towels

  • Refrigerator

  • Equipped kitchen. Stove, oven, roaster, microwave

Ask for promotions and special prices.




Transportation airport – cabins – airport. Included


Rent a 4×4 car – NOT Included

Traditional Welcome

Reception with flower necklaces and Farewell with shell necklaces . Included

Sea Tour

Enjoy the extraordinary landscapes of the southwest area of the island. Enjoy observing closely the Tangata Manu´s route (Bird Man), the cliffs and isles, and even fishing in the open sea. This tour lasts one and a half hour. Departure is from Hanga Piko bay. NOT Included.

Cavern Tour

– NOT Included

Other Tours

Other Tours in Rapa Nui. – NOT Included

Other Services

– NOT Included
Cleaning service (optional)
Laundry service (optional)



Warning : Easter Island is a National Park protected by Chilean law. It was also declared a World Humanity´s Heritage by UNESCO. It is important to remember the following recommendations for a safer visit of the archeological and natural patrimony and its care.

  • Do not stand on the ceremonial platforms (ahu) or the Moai, nor walk on top of archeological sites all around the island.
  • Do not touch the Moai
  • Do not touch or mark petroglyphs or any other cultural testimonies.
  • It is forbidden to camp inside the Park.
  • Do not remove archeological artifacts from archeological sites; remember that the archeological piece traffic is punished by Law.
  • Do not through any trash, or make any fires.
  • When going to remote areas on the island, always go with an experienced guide.
  • Respect the park rangers’ indications and suggestions.

Tapati Rapa Nui : On February, each year it´s celebrated the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival which is the principal artistic and cultural activity in Rapa Nui, and begins the first days of February, lasting two weeks in total. There, ancestral ceremonies and traditions are revived, such as Haka Pei (banana trunk sliding from a hill) Tarai Moai (stone carving of Moai) and Takona (Body painting) among many others, besides from group dancing competitions and the crowning of a Queen. For further details, visit the official site www.rapanui.net


Banks : There are two on the island. “BancoEstado” and “Banco Santander”. They both have ATM available for 24 hours.

Currency : The official currency is the Chilean Peso. It is possible that most stores may take American dollars and Euros. Some commerce accepts Visa and Master credit cards.

Time zone : UTC-6 (Two hours less than in continental Chile). For further details go to www.horaoficial.cl

Climate : The island´s type of climate is called “subtropical maritime climate”. It has an average range of annual temperature of 20.4 ° Celsius. The coldest month is August (between 14.7° and 17° C), while the warmest day is around February (between 23.8° and 27° C). The rainiest month is May. Relative humidity is 77% average.

Suggested clothing : Wear light clothing like T-shirts, shorts and sandals, although is suggested to carry a thin anorak or raincoat to avoid becoming soaked wet by sudden rainfalls, besides from pants and a sweater for night walks.


Entrance to the Park : The entrance to the park “Nacional Rapa Nui” costs US$60 to international visitors, US$ 20 for nationals and US$ 10 for all children. It is charged to you at Orongo´s Conaf office or at Ranoraraku. Remember to keep your ticket with you during each tour you take.

About water : On Easter Island water from the pipe is potable. Nevertheless, hyper sensible people are suggested to drink bottled water.

Medical Emergencies : Although there are two pharmacies on the island, it is advisable to bring your own specific medicines since they are brought to the island by air and may be out of stock at the moment. There is a hospital center that receives urgencies.

Communications : Cellular phones: On the island there are two companies that provide mobile telephone connection: ENTEL and Movistar, but the area covered limits to the urban area, in other words to Hanga Roa town. You can find around 3 call centers in town, which charge rather convenient prices.

What to do? : In Rapa Nui you can take tours, walks or horse rides, take photographs, attend shows, restaurants and pubs where you can listen to live music. The island has two beautiful beaches: Anakena and Ovahe.

Traditional Folk Show: Karikari Ballet


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